irreverent paramour.

experiential marvel.


So, you’ve found me here. And you’re wondering…

About me, and you, and us. I am here to tell you that your dreams are tangible, touchable. The moments you desire are within reach.

Let me create a moment for you…

When you see me in the park, the coffee shop, on the train, you already know I will live in your mind’s eye forever. My legs - long, toned. My smile - playful, inviting. A sparkle in my eyes and laugh like the POP! FIZZ! of a bottle of champagne.

A true aesthete, I am a lover of music, art, literature, fashion, and food. I strive to live in a beautiful world, to remain free and sovereign, and to hold my gaze on those people and things that I cherish.

The world moves so quickly, but together we can stop time.


Age: 26

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5’9”

Celebrity Lookalike: Cindy Crawford, Bella Thorne

Figure: Slender / Athletic

Dress Size: 4 / Small

Shoe Size: 8.5 / 39

Zodiac: Taurus